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01.03.17 – 31.07.18

30. – 31.03.17 Transnational meeting in Valencia, Spain

25. – 26.10.17 Transnational meeting in Athens, Greece


A project to improve the network and general guide for the youth workers of the future.

KA2 Project · Strategic Partnership in the Field of Youth · Exchange of Good Practices.

The main objectives of EU-NET: to create an international network for promoting excellence in youth work that focuses on sharing methods, tools and skills of employees and youth workers within the Erasmus+ sphere and beyond.



  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Italy


Expected results

  • Compilation of country factsheets to improve the understanding and recognition of youth work skills and qualifications in Europe.
  • Formulation of surveys, analysis and a final comparative report to outline and clearly define youth work practices, starting with local level practices before expanding the focus to international level.
  • Increased opportunities for youth workers’ professional development.
  • Increased synergies, links and improved transition between different sectors of education.
  • Support for the standardisation of youth work at international level by improving dialogue between youth organisations and sharing good practices.
  • Spreading Erasmus+ mobility & training opportunities.
  • Creating an online platform with different e-tools for youth workers, which will also serve as a place where youth workers and other stakeholders can share their ideas / problems / thoughts. The online platform should also foster social dialogue and professional development.
  • Publication of a project handbook, interactive videos and booklets for youth workers.


The Kick-off Meeting for EU-NET took place in Valencia, Spain on 30th and 31st March 2017.

The main objectives were to introduce and present each of the partner organisations involved to one another (partners from Spain, Greece and Germany), and then to discuss the main aims, milestones and task distribution of EU-NET.

The deadlines for the most important preliminary steps were agreed upon and the 2nd transnational meeting was scheduled for 25th and 26th October 2017 in Athens, Greece.



We have already created a survey about youth work in different parts of Germany (available only in German – link available on the German version of this page).

This survey takes 5-10 minutes. Thank you very much for supporting us!



This project has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.



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