Training course, ‘Hugs 4 All’, on social exclusion and discrimination.

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Organisers: Plan Be, Plan it Be it


Venue: Limassol, Cyprus


Date: 11.02 – 19.02.18


Erasmus+ Programme – KA1 Mobility for Youth Workers


Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. sent two participants to the training course, ‘Hugs 4 All’, organised by the Cypriot partner Plan Be Plan It, Be it. The training course dealt with widespread social issues such as social exclusion, discrimination and marginalisation and strived to develop an understanding of universal values such as solidarity, openness and understanding, by bringing together 26 participants from 13 countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. This understanding of universal values was attained by providing participants with the necessary tools and an inspiring space in which they could exchange ideas and good practices on fostering social inclusion through volunteering.


The project was based on non-formal learning methods and activities such as workshops, discussions, simulation games, team building activities and forum theatre were implemented.


The main objective was to raise awareness about the importance of social inclusion and to encourage participants to develop and implement long-term inclusion strategies within their own communities. The dissemination of the project learning outcomes proved especially beneficial for the participating organisations’ local communities, since the participants – activists, volunteers and youth workers – work primarily with young people who face social exclusion and discrimination.