The Community Audit Report is Ready!

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The WIRES-CROSSED Community Audit Report, the first of five intellectual outputs from this project, is now complete. We would like to extend a special thank you and congratulations to our Local Media Action Groups and their local communities for participating in and coordinating this task in the seven participating European countries: Ireland, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Croatia, and Czech Republic.


This community led initiative is aimed to build a community media framework for each participating area. This will equip each community with all the knowledge, skills, and competences to develop, manage and maintain a comprehensive media service.


This audit was conducted to highlight the digital competence and educational assets present within each community. It was also an important tool to identify areas where additional support or training would be useful. Now that this process is complete, we look forward to engaging our communities in the next steps of the project for community media skills development.


Some noteworthy results of the audit indicate:


  • a high volume of participants accessing news via social media, with an 81.7% average across the cohort of communities. The most popular social media platform for news intake is Facebook, with an average of 78.8% of participants selecting it as a point of access for news.


  • 2% of respondents have an awareness of ‘click-bait’ which, although a wide majority, still leaves a gap of community members using social media for news while not being informed on the threats of ‘click-bait’.


You can download and read the full Audit Summary Report at: IO1. Community Audit Toolkit and Report


The development of training materials based on the findings of this Audit are underway and we look forward to sharing them with you!