Opening of the exhibition ‘About Beauty and Truth’ by Joachim Rauch

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This week on Tuesday 27.04 the new Full Moon Gallery exhibition of Joachim Rauch ‘About Beauty and Truth’ was opened.


Joachim Rauch was born in 1956 in Nuremberg. He studied engineering, worked in industry for many years. Now he lives and works as a painter and sculptor near Dresden. He has been involved with art all his life, as an artist, gallery owner and collector.

He is particularly interested in Art Theory, the dialogue between the artist and the viewer through the artwork and in the psychological dimension of art.


The exhibition ‘About Beauty and Truth’ displays artworks that depict landscapes, human figures and still life. It is all about simple beauty and purity.


The exhibition will be available until the 4th of May. Until then, we hope you will have the chance to visit it!