IO2 PAST-TIMES Training for the recording of oral storytelling

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From 14-18 June 2021, the face-to-face training on storytelling and oral history took place at KulturCentrale of JKPeV within the framework of the PAST-TIMES project involving both active retirees and young people with migrant background.

Among the most important objectives of this project is to foster intergenerational dialogue between young migrants and senior citizens (65+) with the aim of interacting culturally with each other, learning from each other through storytelling and overcoming stereotypes.  Participants from different generations joined this super exciting training at KulturCentrale– the age gap between our youngest and our eldest participant was 70 years!

During the training, participants were introduced to the basics of storytelling as well as the main elements of intergenerational and intercultural dialogue. The second phase was dedicated to learning how to conduct interviews by forming questions related to the life stories of the active retirees, the culture and history of Germany. The final part of the training was focused on video recording the stories of the active retirees making use of smartphones.

It has been a very valuable experience to see how the senior citizens and the young people with migrant background interact with each other in couples and speak about their most important life events.
At the end of the training, participants were encouraged to further explore the e-learning portal of PAST-TIMES and learning resources which are available online, thus gaining deeper insight into the topics discussed throughout the training.

As host of this event, the JKPeV team would like to sincerely thank all participants, including the volunteers from WinWin e.V., for being actively engaged and for sharing parts of their life stories!