The Workshop “European Youth on Stage” was a complete success!

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What a week! Days passed really quick with the European Youth on Stage theater workshop which took place in Stadtteilhaus Dresden-Äußere Neustadt, organized by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.. Young participants from various backgrounds in Dresden took part in this training and had the chance to practice their performing skills as well as learning about the European Union’s values and initiatives with focus on the EU Youth Goals.


With the guidance of the trainer, Frank Hohl, participants learned the basics about theatre improvisation and performing such as coordination skills, facial expressions, body movement and use of mimics who then quickly applied these skills to their own improvisation activities. In addition to the team building activities and group games, participants also had the chance to discuss with each other the European Union’s goals for a better Europe and how young people are included in these efforts and can be involved. Specifically, Stefan May from JKPeV presented the EU Youth Goals to the participants and they were discussed from different perspectives. Therefore, participants got informed about European Union’s practices and were encouraged to read through the Toolkit for Youth prepared by the consortium of the European Youth on Stage.


Towards the end of the workshop, participants prepared a short performance reflecting on EU Youth Goals which they addressed to daily problems by using theatre methods and techniques such as theatre improvisation. Topics included young people’s rights, active participation for all, inclusive societies and mental health and well-being. This creative play was recorded by the film maker of JKPeV, Olga Yocheva, during which participants had a memorable experience.


At the end of the workshop, participants had a reflection and evaluation meeting with the trainer where they expressed their opinions and gave feedback on the training of the European Youth on Stage project. They highlighted that the workshop was informative to realize how EU is included in their lives and working for a better, common Europe for all. At the same time, participants had chance to socialize with new people from different countries and this was highly valued by them, especially after the pandemic and lockdown days. Also, participants stated that they would like to get involved in more projects like this in the near future. It has been definitely an exciting and interactive week!