Online Multiplier Event within the framework of the Priority project_II

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New week, new online event! On January 26th 2022, the time had come for Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. to host another Multiplier Event within our PRIORITY project. We welcomed a group of highly engaged and motivated young participants from all over the world to the „Conference on Intercultural Mediation as a Tool for Youth Inclusion”. Throughout the evening session, they were introduced to the wide range of learning and teaching materials produced by the project consortium and had the opportunity to get to know for example the How to PRIORITISE eBook, the PRIORITY Hubs approach and the PRIORITY App. Last but not least they also had the chance to test the first module of one of our online courses. We were thrilled to hear that numerous participants are planning on using our project outputs on intercultural mediation in their professional and/or private environments. The JKPeV team would like to sincerely thank all participants for their participation, motivation and commitment!