The first pilot training for youth workers within the Solution not Pollution project

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Within the Solution not Pollution project, we have held our first pilot training for youth workers, educators and trainers on January 27th 2022. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the training was held online, where the JKPeV trainer Jara Marder met with a diverse group of engaged participants sharing a common interest in empowering youth to develop problem solving skills for climate change challenges. Thus, the main goal of the training was to familiarize participants with all developed learning and teaching resources, particularly with the IO1 In-Service Training Programme focussing on topics such as challenge-based learning, youth activism as well as online and social businesses. In addition to short presentations given by the trainer, there was plenty of room for participants to ask questions, work on group assignments and get involved in plenary discussions. Also, participants were encouraged to complete our self-directed learning modules following the training. It was great to experience the motivation and commitment of all participants throughout this training! We were specifically pleased to learn that the vast majority of them already have plans to use the developed Solution not Pollution training materials with their youth groups!