Female sexuality beyond taboo

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Exhibition by IVA BOYTCHEVA




18.03.2022 / 20:00

Music: Paul Geigerzähler



The exhibition shows extremely courageous views of female sexuality and the different facets between pleasure and suffering, between body, soul, freedom, coercion and new horizons. The paintings express the personal experiences of a young woman of today, who is looking for her way between clearly defined rules and the breaking of borders and social conventions.
There is also the dimension of a life in motion across national, regional and cultural borders. It is the freedom of the migrant, of the woman with a backpack, who searches for and creates anew where she belongs to. A way of life is shown where one’s own body is not betrayed, but always taken along.
The paintings of Iva Boytcheva make it clear that the negotiations take place in one’s own body. The female body is made visible and tangible here as a venue and instrument. The exhibition shows topics such as being alone and being in relationships, longing, menstruation, pregnancy, abortion, and renewed hope. In all these themes, foreign attributions and old taboos are questioned and broken.
The paintings are direct and expressive. They come across as momentary explosions of deep layers and painful experiences. Anyone who gets involved is challenged to climb into this whirlpool and thus to achieve new perspectives and joyful feelings.

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