Der Raum der Möglichkeiten – Performance

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25.03.2022 / 20:00

Hechtstraße 17
01097 Dresden, Germany



Dear theatre-lovers of Dresden,
at the end of the “European Youth on Stage”-project, we cordially invite you to the 4E+ performance of the Dresden Theatergemeinschaft on 25.03.2021 (Friday) at 20:00. Afterwards there will be a short appreciation of the results of the EYoS project in the 6 partner countries. As always, the bar will be open at the KulturCentrale and there will be music to round off the evening.


About the performance itself:
4E+ is a performance format that opens up a space of possibilities. Within this framework, new patterns and situations can emerge through the performers.
The audience is invited to decide for themselves which perspective or which distance they would like to take from what is presented. The result is an exploration of perception, subjectivity, proximity and distance.
The performers belong to the Theatergemeinschaft founded in Dresden in 2021, which researches, rehearses and shares time with each other in search of collective ways of working and living.


The performance starts at 20:00, come along!


The European Youth on Stage project aims to raise awareness of the European Union and promote the active participation of young, underrepresented groups and disadvantaged youth at European level in the partner countries Germany, Croatia, Italy, Sweden, Slovenia and Portugal, using theatre education tools. More information can be found on or on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.