BEGEGNUNGEN – TEXTE ALS FUNDSTÜCKE – Exhibition by Marion Kahnemann

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14.06.2022 // 20.00


Full Moon Gallery
Hechtstraße 17
01097 Dresden


The artist works for the most part with found objects made by people and shaped by their use – each with its own history, discarded by people. Marion Kahnemann is concerned with giving these objects back their human context – even if it is now a different one. Alongside this, she explores the possibilities of interaction between the textual and the visual. Dealing with texts is part of a longer process in which she relates what she has found. What is found can include objects, materials, texts, stories, experiences, encounters, “Vergegnungen” (Buber), or even simple discoveries during the process of creating. This results in a kind of dia-,tria- or tetralogue – quasi a conversation between the different materials, the colors, forms, texts, subtexts, herself, the viewer etc… This is in no way an illustration of the texts. In addition to biblical and rabbinic texts, the poetry and prose of Else Lasker-Schüler, Rose Ausländer, Yehuda Amichai and Peter Weiss have increasingly become the focus of her artistic exploration in recent years.