Feeling dreams and seeing images – that was the motto last Saturday at the KulturCentrale during the participatory Enacting workshop.

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19 participants had the opportunity to get to know the digital platform Enacting better, to analyse film clips, to discuss strategies for the production of documentaries, film essays and desktop documentaries and to create a multimedia draft with ideas for the production of their own documentary.


During this session we explored Guy Debord’s images of the society of spectacle, understood Harun Farocki’s interrogation of Napalm, saw what a Transformer prequel directed by Kevin B. Lee would look like, understood Miriam Ross’s vertical framing and found out how an Edward Snowden quote about video games concludes nine months of research for Allie Meowy.


This meeting took place as part of our MOOC Enacting, a digital education programme designed to give enthusiasts and professionals access to the methods of documentary filmmaking today. In 4 chapters: Script Writing, Production Planning, Technical Aspects of Production and Post-Production, participants will be able to develop their ideas for producing their own documentary through practical exercises.
If you would like to attend our next session on 4 February, please write us a short mail to


Thank you to all the participants who contributed their ideas and shared our enthusiasm for documentaries. See you on 4 February at KulturCentrale for our 2nd workshop.