Art is Us exhibition in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Last Friday, the consortium partners of the project Art is Us opened in #Ljubljana, Slovenia, an exhibition of innovative community building interventions that were the result of learners of the Art for Building Community course applying their knowledge in #Germany, #Greece, #Italy and #Slovenia. The exhibition presents a selection of good practices from more than 60 interventions that took place in these countries. It shows practical examples of how #art and the #creativity of people can connect, create new ties, facilitate mutual understanding and empathy, and contribute to community regeneration.
For JKPeV, our Chair Stefan Kiehne / Stefano Kino introduced 4 of the projects that had taken place in #Dresden. It featured the Petrykivka-workshop by Anna Mukhanova, the Cultural Jam Sessions by Izabela Modrzewska, the Yoga workshop for Ukrainian refugees by Настя Куранда and the Body Painting to the Music Workshop of Aleksandra Vagabonda. Of course our partners also showed amazing projects!
The exhibition opening was accompanied by a YouTube-live screening – if you missed it, you can still watch it here: