FINER: Find your INner powER online event in Germany

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The Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. organised the online event FINER: Find your INner powER on 24 January 2024 and was very pleased about the many interested international participants.

In the FINER online event, we talked about the importance of well-being, presented the results of our FINER project and shared the diverse methods and approaches to well-being with the numerous participants. Following our presentation, we spoke online with all participants about their experiences with the topic of well-being and discussed the importance of the well-being, especially for young people. We were especially delighted by the great interest in our project results, such as the FINER Well-Being E-Book, the Target Finder Toolkit and the Self-Assessment Quiz, as well as the online 3D Mall and the overwhelmingly positive feedback. In this spirit: Stay FINER!