About This Project



Duration: 9 months (April 2022 – December 2022)


With the project “DIGITAL ART RESIDENCIES”, the Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. will enable protagonists of the cultural scene to discover digital technologies in a creative way in three project phases.

In a first project phase entitled ‘Exploration’, digital culture will be reflected upon by actors from the cultural scene and the field of science in two roundtable discussions. The main focus will be on how digital transformation processes are changing our culture and what influence they have on our cultural practices.


The second phase of the project, ‘Experimentation’, will focus on the creative adaptation of digital technologies. In three digital workshops, which take place in the form of digital art residencies, new artistic collaborations are to be developed. For each digital art residency, ten artists will be invited to work together and simultaneously online on artworks using network-capable graphics programmes.

In a third project phase entitled “Implication”, two public exhibitions will take place in the Full Moon Gallery at the KulturCentrale. Up to ten works from each of the digital art residencies will be exhibited. In addition to the installation of the artworks, it is also planned to show their development processes in the form of time-lapse photography.


Digital Art Residencies Exhibition

ONE AND INFINITY: The Digitalisation of the Human Mind

05 November 2022 – 03 December 2022


05 November 2022 | 20:00



03 December 2022 | 20:00


Full Moon Gallery / Hechtstr. 17, 01097 Dresden
Admission free!


With the exhibition ONE AND INFINITY: THE DIGITALISATION OF THE HUMAN MIND, Full Moon Gallery presents the artworks created as part of the DIGITAL ART RESIDENCIES project. The vernissage will take place on 5 November from 8 pm at Full Moon Gallery. The finissage will then follow on 3 December from 8 pm in the presence of the participating artists. At the finissage, the JKPeV will award art prizes in the three categories NICEST AUDIOVISUAL CREATION, FINEST GRAPHIC COMPOSITION and FAVORITE COLLABORATION to the participating artists of the Digital Art Residencies.


Artists of the exhibition:
Mia-Ann Böhm (Germany), Augusto Gerardi Rousset (Venezuela), Jakyeong Jeong (South Korea/Germany) Belal Kalash (Israel), Oleksandra Kulikovska (Ukraine), Anna Mukhanova (Ukraine), Laura Michelle Schubert (Germany), Michael Siegmund (Germany), Kristian Andresen (Germany)