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Duration: March – December 2024



Summary of the project:

With the EINFACH.ZEITLOS.DIGITAL! project, the JKPeV intends to familiarise senior citizens with the potential of digital technologies and actively support them in acquiring the necessary skills. The aim is to enable senior citizens to participate digitally, strengthen their digital sovereignty and maintain their mobility and independence with the help of digital technologies.


The foundation for the digital participation of senior citizens is not yet in place everywhere. There are many different reasons for this. Often there is a lack of the necessary knowledge, advice or money to purchase digital devices. Furthermore, not all residential care facilities offer WLAN for their residents.

With this project, we want to reduce the digital gap between the generations, avoid the digital exclusion of certain groups of elderly people and remove barriers to access and use. Socially disadvantaged senior citizens in particular are to be supported by offering a more accessible and target group-specific information and education programme.


In the period from May to July 2024, courses for senior citizens will be offered several times a week at the KulturCentrale as part of the project. The educational programme is tailored to the needs of the target group. Topics such as the internet (search engines, news, etc.), communication (email, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp), apps & everyday aids (Google Maps, bus & train, online banking), health (telemedicine, online pharmacies, e-prescription), data management (data transfer, data backup, clouds), creativity (photo editing, digital design), social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), educational platforms (online courses) and games (game apps, puzzle & strategy games) will be the focus. In order to support senior citizens in applying what they have learned in the long term, JKPeV will offer a counselling salon twice a week from May to December 2024. This will be available to senior citizens in person at the KulturCentrale and as an online format until July 2024. The service will be continued online from July 2024.


The JKPeV is also planning an intergenerational network event on 26 April 2024 as a face-to-face event & in October 2024 as an online event, at which young and old will talk together in discussion rounds about the effects and design options of digital change. In addition to the exchange, digital mentorships for senior citizens are to be created, which will be taken on by volunteers and committed individuals from the JKPeV network.


The main objectives of the project are:


  • Supporting senior citizens in acquiring skills in digital technologies
  • Promoting the independence, social networking and mobility of senior citizens in a digital world
  • Creating accessible and target group-specific information and education programmes
  • Implementation of intergenerational exchange formats


What we offer:


  • Personal training courses!
    • In the period May-July at KulturCentrale
    • Every Tuesday 17:00-17:45 & 18:00-18:45
    • Every Wednesday 17:00-17:45 & 18:00-18:00


  • Counselling sessions twice a week!
    • In the period May-July every Tuesday & Wednesday 17:00-18:30 @KulturCentrale
    • In the period May-December 2024 online via Zoom


  • Intergenerational networking events!
    • On 26 April 2024 at 16:00 in the KulturCentrale
    • In October 2024 as a digital format


Register now: 

  • In person at KulturCentrale (Hechtstraße 17, 01097 Dresden)
  • By telephone under 0351/ 810 47 66



The project is co-financed by the German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering




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