About This Project

European Youth In Flames 2010


13.09 – 22.09.2010


During the youth project European Youth in Flames young people were brought together to explore a common hobby: the enthusiasm for fire juggling, fire arts and the circus arts. In their home countries they were confronted with a high rate of youth unemployment and this was our starting point tackling the issue; ‘From Hobby to Job’.
Together, the young people investigated how they could transform their hobby into a work-related future. Moreover, they got an insight in the judicial and fiscal aspects of an international professional field. During the workshops with the themes of Fire and Circus Arts, the young adults learned about the art, culture and sporty forms of expression of fire performance from the other participating countries. Thereby, they discovered a cultural diversity and how different societies deal with Art in the public sphere. The demonstrated differences and the prejudices were scrutinized forming the beginnings of an awareness of a joint Europe.
With the idea of ‘From Hobby to Job’ the young people prepared practical ways in which they could present their talents and know-how to set up their own professional existences. The participants discussed which work-related, societal and cultural opportunities they were given within the joint Europe. They all agreed that cultural diversity could give them a chance to achieve a successful vocational existence.


Project venue: Dresden
Participating countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Germany
This project was funded by the European programme YOUTH IN ACTION.