Jewish life in Dresden – time witnesses and oral history

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Jewish Life in Dresden

Time witnesses and oral history



01.09.2021 – 31.12.2021


Antisemitism is a well-established phenomenon in Dresden and beyond in all of Saxony – in order to address this issue in the long term, it is essential to impart basic background information and awareness for Jewish history, traditions and customs before and after the Holocaust. A suitable approach provided by historical sciences involves “oral history”, which can also be described as “lived history” since it collates subjective experiences of individuals by means of time witness interviews, thus enabling a personal and approachable way of historiography.

To implement this project, a documentary film is developed including time witness interviews, which will give insight into the history of Jewish life in Dresden and historical as well as present Antisemitic movements. Hence, this project will contribute to the dissemination of in-depth knowledge on Jewish history, especially by means of personal stories and memories from time witnesses, and the strengthening of a culture of remembrance. Moreover, this will raise awareness for Antisemitism being an extremely important and urgent problem of our time.

The project is funded by the State of Saxony within the framework of the programme Integrative Measures.



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