NASPLY [2022 – 2024]

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 Nature And Social Permaculture Learning for Youth





Duration: 24 months (December 2022 – November 2024)


Summary of the project:

The project NASPLY is a cooperation partnership that aims to tackle the environmental and climate crisis, foster social inclusion, develop the life-skills and digital skills of marginalised youth, and improve their well-being through the holistic permaculture approach that focuses on building resilience in communities, answering to the needs of young people. NASPLY focuses on building resilient communities and especially on youth with fewer opportunities.

Social and Nature Permaculture is used in this project as a theory for learning. Social permaculture focuses on the principles of permaculture design, extrapolated into societal level i.e., it aims at creating resilient communities where people understand their value in society, what their role is, how they can learn from nature to have a strong and sustainable social ecosystem.

NASPLY addresses environmental issues, through social and green entrepreneurship based on the principles of permaculture, and promotes solidarity, and concern for others. NASPLY aims at developing high-quality project results on social permaculture and eco-therapy gardening as tools for youth empowerment, to acquire skills, build social networks and grow within their community with equal access to nature.

  • YOUTH: Promoting active citizenship, young people’s sense of initiative, and youth entrepreneurship including social Entrepreneurship;
  • HORIZONTAL: Environment and fight against climate change;
  • HORIZONTAL: Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth, and sport.


The NASPLY project focuses on the following target groups:

TG1: Young people especially those with fewer opportunities.

TG2: Youth workers and professionals working with disadvantaged youth.

TG3: Educators, and practitioners working towards environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

TG4: Public administrators, decision-makers, and policymakers.

Activities implemented under the NASPLY project will be as follows:

  • Implementing a five-day training course on social permaculture for youth workers and educators in Cantabria, Spain.
  • Piloting the training course through pedagogical tests in 4 partner countries (MT, IT, DE, CY) with different youth educators corresponding to the different target groups.
  • Toolkit piloting with youth workers and youth.


The project outputs are the following:

  • Training Course Curriculum development on nature and social permaculture for youth works and youth (WP2) expected to reach 60 youth educators working with disadvantaged youth in 4 partner countries.
  • Nature and Social Permaculture Toolkit (WP3) which includes three components: i) a Programme Guide for youth workers, ii) a Workbook for youth and iii) a Green Entrepreneurship Manual
  • Online Learning Platform which serves as repository for all the results produced to ensure wide outreach so that both youth workers and vulnerable youth acquire all necessary information to start using permaculture as a tool for social inclusion, sustainability, and personal growth.


Friends of the Earth Malta (Malta) – Coordinator

PRISMS (Malta)

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (Germany)

Asociación Cultural y Medioambiental Permacultura Cantabria (Spain)

Research and Education of Social Empowerment and Transformation- RESET LTD (Cyprus)

APS Lafenice ASD (Italy)

Generation (Change?) (Malta)


The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme





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