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The NO2WAR project arose from recognition of the rise of xenophobic, intolerant and discriminative attitudes in Europe.


The NO2WAR project arose from recognition of the rise of xenophobic, intolerant and discriminative attitudes in Europe. It brings together 5 countries and 7 partners committed to supporting remembrance & awareness of past totalitarian regimes and to fostering community development. The aim of NO2WAR is to help the communities involved overcome stereotypes and develop counter-narratives using past migration examples that give more accurate representations of migrants and refugees arriving in partner countries – especially in Central Europe.


Through project activities, in the ‘How we view History research phase, NO2WAR will assess how hate speech and propaganda arose under totalitarian regimes, and how they contributed to radicalised behaviours, both from the local communities and from newcomers. We will host an international workshop for representatives from our partner organisations, which will be adapted to their specific needs and knowledge, and will teach them to record educational videos, to conduct their own ‘History and Us – Lessons Learned’ workshops, and to encourage the dissemination of learning through social action. At the final conference, we will strengthen the foundations for continued intercultural dialogue and increased mutual understanding. The legacy of NO2WAR will be a European transnational network of young activists and emerging leaders in the field of migration. It will build hate speech counter-narratives and provide necessary tools, such as educational videos and a guidebook, that foster intercultural dialogue and the civic participation of third-country nationals. These will continue beyond the life of the project and will connect a wider European community.


NO2WAR looks for an adequate response to the identity crisis in Europe and seeks to increase citizens’ participation in the democratic life of the EU.


Comparing different national viewpoints can help tackle these challenges. By directly giving the floor to EU and third-nationals legally residing in the EU through workshops and conferences (and indirectly through digital media-videos, online surveys etc.), we provide a platform on which their views can be voiced.


In short, NO2WAR believes that intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, civic participation, expertise and good practices can all be shared with others across Europe by benchmarking successful models for removing stereotypes & stigma, for raising awareness and for supporting integration. Thus, adding an even more pronounced European dimension to the project. In order to represent a multitude of sectors, the NO2WAR consortium employs a balanced mix of organisations- municipalities and local authorities, and civic society organisations.


Transnational Events:


1) Preparation Meeting: 20-22.08.2017 – Kistarcsa, Hungary
2) Kick-off Meeting: 22-24.10.2017 – Kistarcsa, Hungary
3) 1st transnational event: 12-15.02.2018 – Dresden, Germany
4) 2nd transnational event: 08-10.05.2018 – Olesnica/Wroclaw, Poland
5) 3rd transnational event: 22-24.10.2018 – Kistarcsa, Hungary





1) Municipality of Kistarcsa – Kistarcsa, Hungary
2) Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. – Dresden, Germany
3) Cultural Center of Olesnica – Olesnica, Poland
4) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki, Greece


The Project is co-financed by the Europe for Citizens Programme



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