WIRES-CROSSED [2019 – 2021]

About This Project

WIRES-CROSSED – Developing Community Media to Mitigate the Impact of Fake News



01.09.2019 – 30.09.2021


WIRES-CROSSED is a two-year KA2 Erasmus+ project that aims to build a community media framework that equips local communities with all the knowledge, skills and competences to develop, manage and maintain a comprehensive media service to local residents. The project will pursue an asset-based community development approach to harness the assets within the local communities where partners are based and bring them together under a common community media banner intent or promoting real news about the local area to residents.


Over the course of the project, the implementing partners will develop a Community Audit Toolkit and Report documenting their local community’s media literacy that will then pave the way towards the production of a wide array of tools and resources to build their capacity in the field. These include:


  • Community Media Skills Development Resources
  • A Toolkit of Media Moderation Resources
  • An Induction Training for Adult & Community Educators
  • An online Interactive Learning Portal


Aims & Objectives


Empower citizens and bring them together under a community media banner intent on promoting real news about their local community and area.

  • Empower communities across Europe to take back control of their news feeds by supporting them to produce reliable community media content
  • Nullify the impact ‘fake news’ have on our communities.
  • Harness the potential of available digital and social media platforms to give a voice back to local communities and to promote community cohesion in tackling the ‘fake news’ epidemic.
  • Enrich democratic processes, encourage community cohesion and increase civic engagement of all cohorts of society


Project partners


1) Jugend- & Kultuprojekt e.V. – Coordinator

2) CARDET – Cyprus

3) Speha Fresia cooperative company – Italy

4) Aliance Lektoru A Konzultantu – Czech Republic

5) Ustanova Za Obrazovanje Odraslih Dante – Croatia

6) The Rural Hub – Ireland

7) Acumen Training Ltd – Poland


Co-financed through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union



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