HANNAH national Conference „Jewish Life today“

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The HANNAH national Conference under the title „Jewish Life today“, was held on 13-14 June at KulturCentrale in Dresden, Germany. More than 150 guests participated in a wide range of cultural and art activities including oral history workshops, discussions regarding the use of innovative tools with the aim of combatting antisemitism and using image sources to discuss and learn about antisemitism and the Holocaust. The music performance by TROjKA and the art exhibition of Marion Kahnemann BEGEGNUNGEN – TEXTE ALS FUNDSTÜCKE were the highlights of the event. The team of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. would like to thank the team of Centropa, the band TROjKA, the historian Daniel Ristau, the director of the Jewish Week in Dresden, Avery Gosfield and the artist Marion Kahnemann, as well as all volunteers for their generous support.
We would like to thank everyone for joining this diverse event!