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Full Moon Gallery

Full Moon Gallery is an art exhibition space initiated and hosted by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. – JKPeV on Hechtstr. 17 in Hechtviertel Dresden with the express intent of creating a space and environment to allow local and international visual artists to feature their work in an innovative way; on the windows of the Full Moon Gallery every full moon. Artworks are facing not the inside space but the outside world which makes art more accessible and inclusive. Whether paintings, drawings, photos or graphic art, the main concept is to allow the spirit of free ideas to flourish, and then to present the result of that effort to the community.

A new exhibition that displays the works of one artist is inaugurated every full moon night. For three consecutive nights, the artworks are lit up all night long. The visitors have access from the street to see the artworks hanging on the windows of the Full Moon Gallery. This way, the Full Moon Gallery is open to everyone. Feel the art by joining the art exhibitions of the Full Moon Gallery! Experience a mesmerizing journey of the full moon’s magnetizing effect discovering art in an unusual way.

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