Culture & Art


JKPeV strives to strengthen cultural values, enrich the cultural and artistic scene in Dresden and in other European cities and to foster intercultural and inter-generational dialogue through European projects and events. By involving citizens, artists, performers, academics and professionals from different disciplines and countries, JKPeV facilitates the sharing of individual and collective experiences, expertise know-how. Our projects include workshops, discussions, conferences, performances, concerts, study visits, festivals, film screenings, residencies and informal meetings.

History, Heritage & Remembrance


JKPeV aims to preserve cultural heritage and history as we believe that by increasing our awareness and understanding of the past, we can build a better future for our community and for the generations to come. Creating a culture of remembrance is one of our main aims, since it is through our capacity to deal with and to accept our past that we might strengthen our collective values, promote peace, foster mutual understanding and look towards a better, shared future. A large part of this involves compiling and archiving human experiences of the past. We carry out surveys, conduct interviews and record the life stories of citizens who were actively involved in various historical events, as well as organising study-visits and research on specific sociological and historical issues in order to build a well-informed picture of the past.

Community Building, Active Participation & Social Inclusion


JKPeV aims to enhance community engagement and participation by building community spirit and creating a sense of place and belonging. To attain this goal, we organise community projects and activities that involve people from different age groups, cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Our activities include: campaigns promoting equality, understanding, social inclusion, and peaceful coexistence; volunteering actions, workshops, citizens’ meetings, presentations and discussions. We focus on current social issues at a local and European level with the aim of raising people’s awareness and of finding ways to tackle prejudices and misconceptions together.

Education, Training & Youth Work


JKPeV’s focal point is the personal, social and professional development of young people (over 18 years old), youth workers and educators, and of professionals from various disciplines through a combination of formal, non-formal and informal learning methods. JKPeV supports the development of innovative tools for the identification, documentation and validation of non-formal and informal learning. For this reason, we organise training sessions for youth workers and trainers, workshops for adults from different backgrounds, seminars, conferences, study visits, field trips and other educational activities which relate to entrepreneurship, creativity, social innovation, urban development, soft skills and communication.

"It was a really good project and triggered a lot of valuable work. From the ERN and University of Greenwich point of view, it generated a great deal of creativity, intergenerational understanding, new learning at school and university level and a raised sense of being part of a Europe-wide project."

Mrs. Pam Schweitzer - European Reminiscence Network (UK) about our project "Remembering the Past - Building the Future"

"Your video (Johannes Eismann auf Hoher See - Bridging Generations, Europe for Citizens Project) made it possible for my mother to finally reunite with her cousins whom she had not seen or spoken to since 1937."

Kevin Gleason - Ijamsville, Maryland - USA (about Bridging Generations - Europe for Citizens Project)

"I really enjoyed the energy and the atmosphere we had during the group work and the fact that that we agreed to disagree. It was really valuable to see how everyone thinks, what the experiences of the participants were like in their respective countries."

Pia Sopta, Art Historian from Zagreb - Croatia (about the group work in a project Capture Culture training course 2013)


Stefan Kiehne / Chairman

General Manager

Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi / Deputy Chair

Programme Manager & Fundraiser

Olga Yocheva / Staff

Designer & Film Maker



Cooperation with various private and public institutions, NGOs and individuals all over Europe.

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Volunteering & Internships

Volunteering (EVS, Bundes Frewilligen Dienst), Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Erasmus Placements, Internships.

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Learning Opportunities

Participation in educational programs on-site and abroad (training courses, seminars, study visits, exchanges, residencies, workshops, conferences).

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