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About Us

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV) was founded in 2004 in Dresden and is dedicated to Education, Culture and Art. We are a team of project managers, event managers, political scientists, sociologists, historians, youth workers, artists, designers and film makers who wish to make Dresden and other cities in Europe better places to live, grow, create and peacefully co-exist.


Our main goal is to promote diversity, equality and inclusion, foster active participation, civic engagement and social innovation.  To achieve our goal, we design and carry out educational, creative and cultural activities on-site and abroad which encourage cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation.


Through the implementation of educational, art and cross-cultural activities, we strive to develop young people (18+) and adults’ soft and professional skills, digital and ICT skills, stimulate entrepreneurial initiative, raise their environmental awareness and boost their creativity by means of non-formal learning methods whilst enriching the cultural life of Dresden.


The main topics of our work are, self-development, youth work, social inclusion and integration, active citizenship, entrepreneurship & social innovation, civic and adult education, urban development, sustainability and environment. The main tools we use to achieve our goal are digital media, visual and performing arts, intercultural dialogue, storytelling and non-formal education.


For further information about our work, you can read about the projects and events we have implemented so far.