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What a night we had talking about our planet earth!
THE FUTURE IS GREEN was the title of our event held within the Solution not Pollution project on April 14th 2022.
A group of interested and motivated young people came together at KulturCentrale to talk about how to take action together and develop solutions for our current environmental problems! We first watched a series of short movies made by Sukuma arts e.V. that shed light on different “Stories of Change” tackling various environmental topics. Also, a student of renewable energy systems shared a presentation about the situation of the energy sector in Europe and our project called “Solution not Pollution” that aims to build problem-solving skills of youth to address environmental and climate change issues was introduced. A group of international youngsters taking part in a “Solution not Pollution” workshop shared some solution approaches they had come up with themselves in the form of educational tools called WebQuests. Thanks to all of you who were there for your interest, lively discussions and great input!