Seminar ‘EUTH WORK’ : Assessing and promoting youth work [2018]

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Organisers: Rota Jovem


Venue: Cascais, Portugal


Date: 01.04.2018 – 08.04.2018


Erasmus+ Programme – KA1 Mobility for Youth Workers


Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. is involved in the project ‘EUTH WORK’, organised by the Portuguese partner Rota Jovem and will send two participants to a seminar in Cascais, Portugal. The idea of the project came from the realisation that, although youth work has grown into a valid means of supporting young people’s development and participation in the last 30 years, the framework of its features still lacks structure and unification. The seminar ‘EUTH WORK’ aims to reflect, assess and promote youth work across Europe by giving youth workers the opportunity to gather among peers and to discuss and debate their professional development. The seminar focuses on the following issues: – Broadening the understanding of youth work practices, policies and systems.
– Increasing youth workers’ and youth leaders’ motivation and satisfaction.
-Contributing to professional development.
– Spreading good youth work practices in order to strengthen the cooperation between organisations and to increase their capacity to operate at EU level.


The seminar is based on active and collaborative methodology. The participants should conduct upstream preparatory research on youth work organisations and good practices in their country beforehand. During the programme, this research will be shared among the participants and will be used to produce a video and a booklet, both of which will be further disseminated.