We can only welcome you to the indoor events of the ART & DIVERSITY FESTIVAL programme if you provide proof of recovery, a full vaccination or a negative test. Please note that this test must not be older than 24 hours. Additionally, for the indoor as well as outdoor events, we strongly advise you to keep a safe distance and to wear a mask.
Stay healthy!



16. July 2021





Hechtstraße 17, Dresden


JKPeV – Opening of the “Art & Diversity” event with the photo exhibition “Actions and Events of Open European Societies”




Flux Wildly – Paintings

Opening of the exhibition NACHTWESEN by Flux Wildly

The new NACHTWESEN series of studio paintings created by Flux Wildly, is his first new studio work in the last 10 years. These paintings feature a previously un-used technique in his artworks. Some of these artworks are brand-new creations, while others have been found, scattered in various sketchbooks through time. The NACHTWESEN series has been created this way that saves the actual painting work for last.





JKPeV – Film-Screening

Open European Society Interviews “Tell me your story” & Video Campaign “All Different, All the same!” (outdoor)


Video Campaign “All Different, All the same!”

These video series are part of the international video campaign under the title “All Different, All the same!” within the framework of the Open European Societies project and it aims at giving evidence that regardless of our cultural and social background, colour, sex, education and beliefs, there is a common ground that makes us one. Despite the variety of multiple characteristics that we all have, we share some common features and feelings that unite us.


Open European Society Interviews “Tell me your story”

The video recorded migration stories produced within the framework of the Europe for Citizens Project ‘Open European Societies’ aim at raising awareness about individual migration experiences of people coming from different parts of the world and living in Europe. Stories of migrants that have lived for a long time and of those that have recently arrived in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia and the United Kingdom reveal the challenges they have encounterd to adapt to the society, the positive aspects of living in a new country, in Europe, their concerns about the present and their dreams about the future.



Olga Yocheva – Film-Screening

DNA – Dresden Neustadt Artists (indoor)

Dresden’s Neustadt has long been known as an alternative and open district which is home to a large number of creative people. But who are these people, what do they do and how do they feel about their area? Through the documentary series “DNA”, we met five of these artists. All of them have found different ways to express themselves using different forms of art wishing to enrich the cultural life of Neustadt in Dresden.




LonA – Singer/Songwriter

Authenticity and feeling. Personal adventures and experiences. Experiences through and of others. Awareness of empathy. Togetherness or differences. Consciousness and metaphors. Critisism of society. Listen. Pay attention. Empathize. Sympathize. Eyes and ears – the heart of people – to open and sensibilize.






Rahma Ben Fredj – Dance-Performance

Out of this World

Everyone starts life with passion and ends with boredom. As soon as someone takes his first steps in this world, he is convinced that this life is an inexhaustible source of opportunities and possibilities; but as soon as he begins to gradually delve into things, the winds of boredom blow, and a different conviction emerges on the horizon: There is no essential difference between action and inaction, between surface and depth. And when you feel emptiness creeping into the soul, then nothing would interest you but to find an answer to the question: “What use is it to me to be here in this world?*
* by Charles Baudelaire, Quote: Mamoon Alimat






Tannyffa & Don Rinatos – Live Music

Tannyffa & Don Rinatos make music that can be perfectly described as a soundtrack for the vastness of the world. Inspiring sounds of the Jew’s Harp, the Handpan, the Udu let us enter a universe where music connects the vastness of the world.





Weinselig – der Weinladen im Hecht

Hechtstraße 20, Dresden



Axel C. Kubitz – Exhibition “Faces” B/W Photography

Axel C. Kubitz shows familiar faces from the Hechviertel in unfamiliar poses.






Ingo R. – Reading

Poetry Reading – Ingo R. Ironic texts

“I’ve been involved with art ever since I was alive”. The native of the Black Forest has long been an institution in matters of art. She combines images and music, movement and psyche, sensory organs and social contradictions without boundaries. What one sees and hears is more than it seems, surprising and profound.




Weltclub Dresden

Königsbrücker Str. 13, Dresden




The Chris Molina Trio – Live Music

The international trio has been playing together since 2016. The three musicians understand how to bring together their different imprints and create a world that is bigger, more colourful and simply more beautiful. The borders between cultures and genres are regularly torn down here, sometimes quite loudly. The unique voice of Chris Molina and his moving lyrics hover over everything. Only their own material from the band’s rich repertoire is played.





ART 4 ALL – Exhibition

Opening of the exhibition ART 4 ALL (artists from different cultures)

An initiative of JKPeV involving artists from different cultural and social backgrounds, amateurs and professionals who have the passion to express themselves through the power of art and invite the public to interact with them.

Artists of the exhibition: Enas Arabi, Silvio Colditz, Jakyeong, Aleksandra Vagabonda


Aleksandra Vagabonda – Tatoo-Art (Tree under the skin – The artistic healing project)

Through the small act of tattooing you can consciously let nature back into your body, mind and life. The ink for natural tattoos is made from the ashes of the tree. With the help of tree cards and through intuitive choice you will decide which tree suits you best. The process of tattooing has first pain and then healing. As the external wound heals, the internal healing begins. For those who do not want a permanent tattoo, there is the alternative with henna (2 weeks).




17. July 2021



Hechtstraße 17, Dresden


Viraya – Live Painting Performance

Viaraya is the stage name of Valentina Araya, born and raised in Santiago de Chile, where she also studied sociology. Viaraya’s works are generally about abstract and organic forms that captivate the viewer with their wavy lines and curves while evoking good feelings.





Storytelling / Zine workshop

During the workshop we will use magazines, old books and photos, we will draw, use the collage methods and learn how to tell our stories by creating a mini magazine, the so-called “zine”, which is a small, personal, handmade booklet. The zine tradition dates back to the 18th century. It experienced a revival in the 1970s, used by the Punk Movement. During the workshop, the handmade zines will be copied, traded and used as a stimulus for storytelling.





Multiplier-event DARE – DisAble the baRiErs

Join the celebration of the DARE  – DisAble the baRiErs – project achievements! After 2 years of hard work, we have reached the end of this inspiring and valuable project. We have worked hard to develop and improve its main outputs; the DARE Practical Guide for Inclusion, the DARE Digital Storytelling Handbook for Empowerment, the Truth and DARE e-learning space as well as the DARE Mobile App which encourage more young people with Visual, Hearing and Physical impairments take part in Erasmus+ mobility projects and they then can support their peers to join the wonderful world of the Erasmus+ programme and its opportunities.






Multiplier-event EXEMPLAR – Young migrant integration Leaders – project achievements

What a journey has been! After two years of hard work our project “EXEMPLAR – Young migrant integration Leaders” is reaching the end of its lifespan. During this period of intense commitment, we have developed a series of tools and learning materials for developing further the skills of migrant support workers and community educators and achieving a smooth integration of young migrants and refugees in Europe. Beginning with a considerable amount of online resources such as the “Integration Leaders Curriculum”, the “Toolbox of integration resources” and the “Online Learning environment”, we were able to support migrant support workers and community educators by additionally developing a dedicated “in-service-training” programme for a deeper understanding of the integration process, complemented by a practice-oriented guide for acquiring specific competences while working with young migrants.





Tannyffa & Matthias – Live Music

Tannyffa & Matthias improvise with two hangs. The sound of the Hang in duo results in a musical experience that is at once earthy, organic and inspiring.





Klangraum DD – Piano-Improvisationen

Space.Music.Art – three dimensions united within the project KlangRaum Dresden. By installing artistically designed pianos in public spaces, it offers a stage for local musicians and artists. Be our guest to get to know the project, listen to the piano melodies and why not play if you like!





Leo Takimara – Live Music

Shamanic energy flows from the flute, the sound of a forgotten civilisation returns through the notes of Leo Takimara and all we can do is relax and let our imagination fly.

Facebook – Leo Takimara






AZA – Live Music

(Psychedelic Rock)

A Zero Artefact (AZA) is a psychedelic rock band, based in Dresden. The band members are Alican Alma on guitar, Mike Langdon on bass, and Angel Vasilev on drums. Their journey began when Alican and Angel came across on a jam session in an underground venue in 2019 where they had a thrilling jam. Then, they started to share their musical and cultural backgrounds. Their ideas, in a year, turned into an EP called Quiet Tiger at November 2020. Their musical inspiration lays on a large ground like 60’s 70’s rocknroll, neo-psychodelia, stoner rock and oriental elements.

AZA – Facebook

AZA – Instagram






Gracefull Fall – Live Music

(Blues, Alt.Country & Rootsrock – Music from the Traditions of American Roots aus Dresden)

The music journey of this band started already in the mid-eighties. A long development that leads further into the roots of country blues rock and finds a final music form in the current line-up. The deep Americana sound is brought to Dresden by this “true to the roots” band, so wear your cowboy hat and dusty boots, as good music and a cold beer await you!

Facebook – Gracefull Fall





Culture Jam Session

For the first time this year we have the possibility to open our stage for you! In the frame of the ART & DIVERSITY FESTIVAL on Saturday evening along with several concerts, art exhibitions and performances you are welcome to play music and celebrate cultural diversity! For every jam session song there will be a free shot for every musician involved!!! We have several delicious spirits from many different countries. …We hope you’re jammin’ too! Open door – open mic. If you would like to perform, contact us here:

Culture Jam Session Facebook page




Flux Wildly – Live Painting Performance

Dutch visual art rocker Flux Wildly delivers an energy-driven, live action art show.Mind-bending music and live art go hand in hand to create a sublime work of art.Pastel colors and charcoal are used during his uptempo, moving performance. Flux Wildly drives an on-stage punk-rock attitude, flanked by intuition, straight into the heart of art.  It’s like Iggy Pop meets Bob Ross.




LICH●TERN – Sound-Light-Performance

Lichtern is a band project of the Dresden musician André “Hefty” Mitschke. Many know him as the guitarist and creative head of the rock band Sensifer. André was born in 1977 and has been musically active for about 10 years. Behind the name Lichtern is the concept of fusing light and sound and uniting them in a show of special audiovisual experience. The focus is on the representation of the human being as an organism growing in evolution. The human being and his or her perception are in the foreground – each person has a very unique relationship to light and darkness. Lichtern knows how to present this familiar theme in a current and contemporary setting. “The Light Man” is the title and concept of the first audiovisual show created by Lichtern. The performance can be understood as a world of sound, but at the same time it also represents a form of modern art and theatre. The human being is at the centre as the creator of it‘s own universe – light and sound are the cosmos in which the human being moves. A room shrouded in darkness… a sound and a small flicker… a light… This is the beginning… at the centre a carpet of sound, a sea of lights and instruments that are perfectly coordinated… during the show the protagonist experiences a journey through the world…. His journey becomes an inner awakening… a light ignites in him… until he himself finally takes on a more and more luminous form and becomes “The Light Man”.




Weinselig – der Weinladen im Hecht

Hechtstraße 20, Dresden


Coco N – Live-Performance

Kunden – Service

Performance on the topic of monotony in the postmodern world of work.

Staged using the example of the everyday working life of a call center agent.





Silvio Colditz – Reading

Silvio Colditz reads poems from Aporien im Umgang mit sich selbst and from his forthcoming volume “sich selbst aufs Spiel setzen”. His lyrical I walks as a detached observer through the world, through the year, asks about himself & about the other, befriends the wind, plays with woodpeckers & cranes & realises that while I am alive, people are starving elsewhere.


HechtViertel e.V.

Hechtstraße 34, Dresden


16:00 Uhr
Photo exhibition of Axel C. Kubitz

Axel C. Kubitz transports moods through infrared photography and thereby achieves ghostly and fairy-tale-like image effects.
The infrared image provides high-contrast and unusual representations. Combined with a strong reduction, it appears as if it was enchanted – as if it came from another world.





LonA – Singer/Songwriter

Authenticity and feeling. Personal adventures and experiences. Experiences through and of others. Awareness of empathy. Togetherness or differences. Consciousness and metaphors. Critisism of society. Listen. Pay attention. Empathize. Sympathize. Eyes and ears – the heart of people – to open and sensibilize.






Film Screening “Das Verhör“ („The Interrogation“) by Rafael Kühn

A totalitarian system. The worker Johann Schönberger wakes up in the headquarters of the secret police, accused of a crime he cannot remember. The methodical interrogation by the accurately dressed man at the other end of the table finally leads him back to an event that called his entire previous world into question. Not only his newfound worldview, but also his life depend on the decision he now has to take…
How far should individual freedom go? What conditions must a truly democratic state fulfill? And is a government allowed to cut back on human rights in order to maintain security?”




Weltclub Dresden

Königsbrücker Str. 13, Dresden


Aleksandra Vagabonda – Tatoo-Art (Tree under the skin – The artistic healing project)

Through the small act of tattooing you can consciously let nature back into your body, mind and life. The ink for natural tattoos is made from the ashes of the tree. With the help of tree cards and through intuitive choice you will decide which tree suits you best. The process of tattooing has first pain and then healing. As the external wound heals, the internal healing begins. For those who do not want a permanent tattoo, there is the alternative with henna (2 weeks).






Afropa Hausband – Live Music

The “Afropa Hausband” is a band, from a larger community, which has been rooted in Dresden for more than 40 years, living and sharing its culture and deep original roots of Marabenta – a term which summarises the rich traditional diversity from Mozambique in a musical language – and which, as the name already suggests, has been located through the Afropa association for many years. With its acoustic instruments and percussion, it has something of a roda, in which the influences of the universal musical grammar of marabenta can be heard in other styles of world music in their original form, as well as vice versa influences from other styles. So look forward to a mood between the joie de vivre of Afro and Buena Vista, with a touch of the melancholy of Fado and spontaneous happening. A very honest music in dealing with the realities of life.




18. July 2021



Hechtstraße 17, Dresden
Persian Fusion – Live Music

Persian Fusion plays Persian traditional music in a modern style, hence the name Persian Fusion. They use the following instruments: tar, violin, guitar and piano.

Hossein Aghajani – Tar / Saeed Afsharzade – Vocal / Pooya Sangtarash – Violin / Ashkan Eji –  Guitar / Mohammad Hossein Masumnija – Piano




Brunch & Art Market ,,Support your Local Artists’’




Johnethen Fuchs – Singer/Songwriter

An exciting, familiar feeling – that is what JOHNETHEN FUCHS & THE WOODS give to you.
Whether amplified with a band or solo in a singer / songwriter style: the UK-inspired FUCHS has an
intuitive feel for weaving texts and melodies into little dreams.
The voice falls outside the typical framework of the genre: voluminous blues vocals, delicate-soft
falsetto or rough raw rock-sounds – the surprisingly versatile vocals permeate the often autobiographical
songs with dedication.
THE WOODS bring the frontman with the unusual spelling to a multi-faceted indie live band level and
enrich the depth of the songs.
In addition to a broad field of musical expression, vulnerability and conscious imperfectionism are what
makes the artist and his work appear approachable, empathetic and lively.
Trusting sounds and a special spicy tension seem to be carefully balanced here and ensure a moving
listening experience.

Johnethen Fuchs Website

Johnethen Fuchs Facebook





Seau Volant  – Live Musik

The Dresden based band Seau Volant plays what they call the soundtrack from the vastness of the pan-European steppe. The ten musicians make hearts beat and floors shake with their mixture of klezmer, polka and balkan. The flying bucket, which Seau Volant means in English, took off for the first time in 2012 for the Fête de la musique in Dresden. Since then, the band has played at many festivals, city and street parties, weddings, children’s baptisms and other occasions. From the beginning, the participants were all about the enthusiasm for Eastern European folklore and the fun of playing for a dance-loving audience. They have maintained the joy of this and are always happy to invite people to dance.

Seau Volant Website

Seau Volant Facebook

Seau Volant Soundcloud