Chair and General Manager / Stefan Kiehne




Stefan Kiehne is the Chair and General Manager of Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. Stefan studied Political and Social Sciences at the Technical University of Dresden and has been involved as a youth worker and event manager in youth centres in Freiberg since 1991. He has been organizing cultural events and festivals for the local community of Freiberg and Dresden since 1994. He founded JKPeV in 2004 in Dresden with the aim to contribute to the cultural enrichment of Dresden and the wider region of Saxony through thematic art festivals and international youth projects focused on culture and arts. Since 2007 he has been responsible for managing financially all the international, national, regional and local projects of the association. In addition, Stefan is also the event & logistics manager of JKPeV organizing and coordinating large-scale cultural festivals, art events, conferences and educational activities. Since 2008 he has been managing and coordinating youth projects based on non-formal learning methods mainly funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.



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