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Children’s Reading Stage



01.03 – 10.08.2010

01.03 – 10.08.2011


The main goal of this project was to establish a Children’s Reading Stage. A space was offered to the children where they could produce their own texts and present these to an audience. It was important, not just to do something for the children but also to involve them in the process. The children were to be heard and obtain a setting where they could be creative.

After the announcement of the project, five to ten texts were chosen and the young authors got the possibility of performing and reading their texts on a stage in front of an audience. Previously they had participated in a workshop with support in theatrical performance.

Until this, reading stages in Dresden were for adults only. Through this project, a creative setting was established, where children could develop their technical skills within the field of writing and reading as key competences. Developing creativity means to reflect and think forward.

The project was more than future-orientated; the establishment of the Children’s Reading Stage contributes to a positive development of the identity and attraction of the cultural city of Dresden. Furthermore, the project manifested a supra-regional improvement regarding the artistic and cultural profile of the city.


Project venue: Dresden, Bärwalde

This project was funded by the Kulturstiftung Sachsen, the Lazar-Lichdi-Fond, the Sparkasse Dresden and by Wir für Sachsen.



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