FINER [2021 – 2023]

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Duration: 24 months (November 2021 – January 2024)


Summary of the project:

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused disruptive changes in people’s personal, social, and professional lives. This unprecedented shift in conjunction with restrictive measures imposed by the countries’ governments for the prevention of the pandemic resulted in challenging the psychological and mental state of the population all over the world. Individuals have experienced and still experience high levels of anxiety, stress, depression, uncertainty about what the future holds, and lack of motivation. The loss of personal freedoms and the lockdown which lasted for several months, and the concern for our health and well-being and especially for our beloved persons brought out the urgent need to learn how to deal with challenges as such. During the pandemic, more than 50% of young adults in Europe have been exposed to anxiety or depression. The FINER project is an Erasmus KA2 Strategic Partnership Project that aims to provide theoretical knowledge, tools, and best practices on well-being and its different aspects and to encourage both young adults and young adults with fewer opportunities, as well as adult educators to improve their well-being and be able to cope with difficult situations like the Covid-19 pandemic.


The main outputs and activities of the FINER project are the following:


  • PR1 – The Well-Being E-book: Taking into consideration the need for prioritizing young adults’ well-being, partners are going to design and develop the Well-Being E-Book which is going to be available online and offline and includes easy-to-read fonts and videos in sign language.
  • PR2 – The Target Finder Toolkit: The second Project Result provides adult educators with the ultimate toolkit to enhance the adaptability of young adults and enable them to redirect and redesign their lives in the new COVID-19 context.
  • PR3 – The Online 3D Mall Platform: The Online 3D Mall is inviting everyone to navigate in the virtual world of a 3D Mall and explore different paths for improving their well-being. Finally, through the online 3D Mall Platform, FINER Mapping will be developed, offering a wide number of organizations active in the provision of support to matters related to the well-being of the participating countries – Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, and Italy.
  • FINER LTTA: The FINER project consortium is going to implement a Learning, teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) at the University of Turin to train adult educators concerning young adults’ well-being.


Project Partners:



The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme




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