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Kunst des Erinnerns


Art in dialogue with the Past and the Future on the occasion of the bombing of Dresden – 13th of February, 1945.


Citizens’ meeting on the 14/02/2016, 15:00 – 20:00 at the Kulturrathaus Dresden.




‘KUNST des ERINNERNS’ -The Art of Remembrance- is a series of Culture and Art events taking place on the 14th of February, 2016 in the Kulturrathaus (Cultural Department) of Dresden from 15:00 to 20:00. It is the final event of the European project Bridging Generations. There the work of this 18-month-long project will be shown to the public of Dresden in the frame of commemoration, as befits the occasion of the bombings of Dresden, 1945.


Memories about the effect of such a war on humanity will be expressed using Art as a means to connecting people from different backgrounds, generations, countries and work-fields and to stress the importance of Remembrance. The audience in this event is not just a passive receiver but is asked to reflect, discuss and interact.


The entry is free and everybody is welcome to join in any and all of our events.



Life stories of witnesses of WWII from Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Germany.



„KAPNOs“ – The lost reason – Drawings and Art objects by Prof Xenofon Sachinis, School of Fine Arts, AUTh (Greece).


Poetry Slam:




‘In each other’s tracks’ – Intergenerational somatic dance performance by Jenny Coogan with the group ArtRose Dresden.



‘Moments’ – Intergenerational theatre performance by Ewa Staroń of the ]Theater-Manufaktur Wrocław (Poland).



Round-table discussions with the eye-witnesses that were filmed for the interviews.

Workshops with participating artists.



“GRAVUREN” – “Engravings of the history of Dresden in Nazism and the World War II” by the Dresden art-group KUNSTPLAN



“Erinnern – Remember” – by Susan Donath (Dresden)



Bridging Generations Meeting Dresden TV Spot






Theatre – Performance ‘Moments’

The play ‘Moments’, an intergenerational theatre performance by Ewa Staroń of the Theater-Manufaktur Wroclaw (Poland), will take you on a journey into the past. In an artistic confrontation with the events of World War II one will experience first-hand memories of the oldest parishioners of Wroclaw, the former situation and the changes that took place over the next generations. What impact did the Second World War have for the participants, how lives one with the consequences and finally, what goes on in the minds of the present generation of people in Wroclaw on this subject? Ewa Staroń involves actors of different generations in an effort to reveal the intricate weave of diverse feelings, opinions and experiences of the individual ages truthfully. Here, a family’s history will be the focus brought to life through each individual safeguarded memory and story.


Director Ewa Staroń is known in the theatre-world of Wroclaw since many years as a great force; she shares her knowledge with passion with the group. Look forward to an interesting, instructive and also entertaining piece.



Website Ewa Staroń






Videos with contemporary eye-witnesses

‘KUNST des ERINNERNS (The Art of Remembrance)’ is the physical representation of memories. The younger generation stood and listened (and filmed) while the older generation opened up their homes and hearts. The films shown on the 14th of February 2016 are the culmination of this interaction through the Art of audio-visual expression.




Dance – Performance ‘In Each Other’s Tracks’

In 2011, the community dance ensemble “ArtRose” of 60+ dancing people formed and premiered their first collectively choreographed work entitled, ‘Small Moments of Greatness’. Since this time the ensemble continues to create dances formed through improvisational processes that feature the uniqueness, dignity and creative potential of each member of the group. The new work, “In Each Other’s Tracks” flows between the temporalities of past memories and present experiences in lively intergenerational interaction.

Artistic Direction: Jenny Coogan


The piece moves between remembered times and the spontaneity of the present moment; it is composed through structured improvisation with a moving score that directs the dancers through the work making each performance full of new and unexpected moments of interpersonal communication. The dance travels down paths of memories of several individual dancers -always returning to the present- celebrating the support and vitality of the community.


Jenny Coogan is a professor for contemporary dance at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz in Dresden.




Poetry Slam “Messages”

Imagine language is not a barrier, rather a bridge. Imagine the voices of different people sharing their memories. Imagine being there and being able to participate. Poems from people of all ages and of all languages are sought to be performed. The call is open to all. Furthermore, all attendees will be encouraged to share their thoughts in the form of a sentence or word, in any language; in the end they will be all put together in one poem and recited.



Exhibition “KAPNOs – the lost reason” – Drawings and Objects of the artist Xenefon Sachinis

Within the framework of ‘KUNST DES ERINNERNS’ -the final event of the European Project ‘Bridging Generations’- Prof. Xenofon Sachinis, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), presents his work regarding WWII in Germany and Greece. The artist will be present.



Room-Installation „Gravuren zur Geschichte Dresdens in Nationalsozialismus und Zweitem Weltkrieg“ of the Dresden artist group KUNSTPLAN

Since 2001, the art group KUNSTPLAN marks places of remembrance in Dresden through the utilisation of the ‘Mahndepots’ (Memorial Depots). The marked places are connected to National Socialism and World War II. One can recognise them through the small engraved plaques left on the ‘Mahndepots’, the stainless steel capsules buried in the ground. They hold exemplary stories that are connected to each place and can be about individual life stories as well as institutions and buildings. The ‘Mahndepots’ stand for the complexity and contradictory histories that time, ruled by daily life, dictatorship and war, produced.


On the 14th of February 2016, KUNSTPLAN will bring light to those places of remembrance and invites all to join this tour, held at the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Dresden. There will be a discussion on how the places and symbols of Dresden should help one remember the past.



Intervention „Erinnern – Remenbering“ – Art action with the Dresden artist Susan Donath



Creating a “remembrance book”.

All participants get the possibility to create an ‘individual page’ for remembering a single person or a group of people with the help and support of local artist Susan Donath. In this way, everyone can take a step towards remembering the past. In the end all the pages will be collected in a book.




„One World“ Art Workshop

Through the “One World” Art Workshop we want to create a “world” in which everybody finds a place and gets the right to contribute. Everyone is heartily invited to participate and to get creative using recycled materials.



Hip Hop – Performance

The Silver Linings present you a modern dance performance based on various Hip Hop songs. ‘KUNST DES ERINNERNS’ starts with remembering the past, emphasises The War and shows in the end the vivacity of the presence. The artist group consists of four young ladies of the age of 17 who have been training dance for 10 years. They wish to promote this dance style and to be thought-provoking.



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