Second Capacity Building Activity In Italy

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After the first Capacity Building Activity in Larissa, Greece, the team of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. was glad to participate in the second Capacity Building Activity which took place in Palermo, Italy from 28-30 October 2019. The JKPeV team reviewed and discussed together with the representatives of the partners the learning outcomes of the first Capacity Building in Larissa. 

Throughout the second Capacity Building Activity, the focus was laid on defining a Priority Hub Superhero, identifying the skills and competences that a youth worker should develop in this field. All participants were asked to find out which hard and soft skills a PRIORITY Hub Super Hero should have, so as to be effective as well as defined both terms, soft and hard skills, and exemplified them with practical exercises.

However, the learning activities were not only based on theory but also on practice. We participated in open debates about culture and cultural differences; we shared our personal experiences and opinions about cultural differences and how we perceive them. 

Throughout the Capacity Building Activity every member of each country partner, presented the city where they live and explained what the situation of their city is, regarding radicalisation and extremism. Having worked and examined three case studies, we reflected on the political tendencies of our cities related to radicalisation. 

To contrast the current situation of radicalisation in our countries with an ideal situation, we were asked to present our cities again at the end of the Capacity Building Activity. This way, we put into practice the knowledge acquired to build the most suitable strategy to confront radicalisation. 

After we all presented the strategies that we would follow against radicalisation, we had a discussion and compared our strategies to each other’s country, realising how different the way we act should be in each case to tackle negative attitudes in different societies that lead to social exclusion.

The final Capacity Building Activity is coming soon and we are looking forward to hosting it here in Dresden! Stay tuned to see the results!