Multiplier event EXEMPLAR – Young migrant integration Leaders

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What a journey has been! After two years of hard work our project “EXEMPLAR – Young migrant integration Leaders” is reaching the end of its lifespan. During this period of intense commitment, we have developed a series of tools and learning materials for developing further the skills of migrant support workers and community educators and achieving a smooth integration of young migrants and refugees in Europe. Beginning with a considerable amount of online resources such as the “Integration Leaders Curriculum”, the “Toolbox of integration resources” and the “Online Learning environment”, we were able to support migrant support workers and community educators by additionally developing a dedicated “in-service-training” programme for a deeper understanding of the integration process, complemented by a practice-oriented guide for acquiring specific competences while working with young migrants.

We would like to invite you to discover more about our project, “EXEMPLAR”, by joining the multiplier event on the 17th of July at 15:00 at the KulturCentrale by JKPeV on Hechtstraße 17, in Hechtviertel as part of the Art & Diversity-Festival.