PRIORITY Hub Dresden at the Art & Diversity Festival

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The young group of the PRIORITY Hub had the great opportunity to be actively involved in the preparation and organisation of the Art & Diversity Festival which took place from 16-18 July 2021 at 4 different venues: KulturCentrale, Weinselig, Weltclub and Hechtviertel e.V. which are located in Hechtviertel and Neustadt in Dresden, Germany.


The festival was mainly organised by Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. Dresden with the great support of more than 55 young participants of the PRIORITY Hub that promoted the festival, organised and participated in art exhibitions, music concerts and performances, the art market and welcomed the guests. Several participants of the PRIORITY Hub supported the JKPeV team in the preparation of the venues, making sure that the venues followed all safety measures against the spread of COVID-19 and assisting the artists, musicians, performers and the guests.


Some of the artists, performers musicians who presented their artistic, performative and music work respectively, had migrant background and belonged to the group of PRIORITY Hub. This initiative was given especially to this group of people with the aim of connecting them to local artists, performers and musicians and involving them in the local art, theatre and music scene of Dresden.


More than 500 visitors joined the Art & Diversity festival during the weekend where they had plenty of different cultural and art choices; from art exhibitions, music concerts, performances to poetry, literature, film screenings, a zine workshop and a live painting show. The PRIORITY Hub participants met locals and international people as well as artists, musicians and performers from Dresden and abroad. Through the organisation of this large-scale event, the young group of PRIORITY Hub acquired and further developed certain skills such as time management, crisis management, event management and logistics, numeracy skills, creativity and artistic skills, communication skills in English and in German, self-expression, empathy, understanding and mutual respect.