Final conference of the project “EXEMPLAR – Young Migrant Integration Leaders”

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On the 17th, the 18th and the 24th of July, the @JKPeV team implemented the final conference of the project “EXEMPLAR – Young Migrant Integration Leaders” at KulturCentrale (Hechtstra├če 17) in three rounds due to the safety measures that we follow in closed spaces. The participants were intoduced to the main purpose of the project, its objectives, the Erasmus+ Programme, the project consortium, the transnational partner meetings, the Learning Teaching and Training Activity in Cyprus, the main outputs and trainings that were delivered and implemented respectively, and the results and impact achieved since the project is reaching its closure very soon. The participants were encouraged to visit the project website and the e-learning portal in order to check the learning resources and find more information about the project. A short video documentary of the project was screened after the presentation where participants had the opportunity to watch video testimonials of the educators and participants of the trainings and video recordings of the local trainings. EXEMPLAR’s website, the e-learning portal and all learning resources will remain available online after the closure of the project, on the 2nd of August. For more information about the project, check it out here: