START UP NIGHT // Art meets Entrepreneurship // Vernissage: DAS EWIGE.

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A fusion event where art meets entrepreneurship at KulturCentrale on Saturday, August 21st at 20:00


This time you will have the chance to see the latest artworks of our Full Moon Gallery Artist, BENUZ. Benuz is a graffiti artist born in Mexico City in 1977 who first came into contact with graffiti through skateboarding. It didn’t take him long to realize that graffiti and street art would become his main passions. Benuz developed a unique and technically elaborate graffiti style based on calligraphy in the early 2000s. He integrated calligraphy into his style in a non-textual way by drawing new symbols which replace the written language, but still bear a resemblance to written texts. Throughout the years, Benuz has become quite known in the graffiti scene of Mexico being one of the calligraphy graffiti movement pioneers. Today, his avant-garde artworks are widely recognised within the worldwide urban art scene, and he has become a source of inspiration for many young and emerging graffiti and street artists all over the world. His upcoming exhibition at the Full Moon Gallery is entitled DAS EWIGE (engl. „The Eternal“). This exhibition is dedicated to the topic of cyclicality of time and how its results are incorporated into each epoch.




And this is where ART meets ENTREPRENEURSHIP!


Benuz did not just use any kind of paper for his artworks in our Full Moon Gallery exhibition, but a special grass paper produced by the young Dresden-based start-up “MATABOOKS. The team of MATABOOKS are specialized in creating sustainable, vegan and environmentally friendly papers and books made of grass. CEO and founder Kay Hedrich will join us and give insight into how he founded and developed this green start-up and what it takes to conceive an idea and make it a successful business!




And since this evening will not only be dedicated to art but also to entrepreneurship, the JKPeV team takes the chance to introduce you to one of our current projects, the “GAME-CHANGER whose main aim is to build and further develop the entrepreneurial competences of those who aspire to become entrepreneurs. We will present you the learning resources that JKPeV together with our international partners have developed so that you get equipped with all necessary skills to start working in practice on your business idea! We are quite excited to have as guest speakers the team of LASSESUNSTUN that will present their “platform for ideas” and explain how they support locals to turn ideas into real businesses!



This is not just a simple Full Moon Gallery evening, it is an evening full of art, entrepreneurial spirit, and “food” for thought and action!  Save the date and join us!


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