European Youth on Stage – Theatre Workshop

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What could be a better mixture than bringing young motivated people from Dresden, an experienced, the cheerful theatre trainer Frank and improvisation theatre activities and techniques all together in the heart of Dresden, the colorful Neustadt? We cannot think of many! With this great spirit of action, the European Youth on Stage theatre training kicked off on the 29th of August in Stadteilhaus Dresden organized by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.


During the training, young people aged between 20 and 25 from various cultural, education and social backgrounds have been actively participating both physically and mentally in a various activities. The first day was mainly dedicated to getting know each other through ice-breakers, name games and energizers with the guidance of the trainer, Frank Hohl.


Team-building activities also followed the next days so that the participants build trust between each other and develop their interpersonal skills. Furthermore, the European Union’s Youth Goals were presented by Stefan May from the JKPeV team and participants collaboratively worked on these 12 goals and reflected the meaning of these goals both orally and physically by using theatre as a means of representation of ideas. Among the mentioned goals, topics such as mental health and well-being, inclusive societies were the top discussion topics.


At the end of each day’s session, participants reflected on the learning outcomes and provided their feedback by highlighting the importance of the European Youth on Stage project in young people’s personal development and well-being since during the pandemic and the lockdown the opportunity to meet in person and interact with each other in such a face-to-face training was not possible.