Theatre, Chat & Party @KulturCentrale!

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Welcome and come on in! The Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. proudly presents within the framework of the @10. Neustadt Art Festival “European Youth on Stage” on this evening!


Eight intrepid young people put themselves on the improvisation stage in the project “European Youth on Stage” and accomplished the unfeasible: within just one week they created a stage-ready improv project on the European Youth Goals. Theater coach and improv artist Frank Hohl is still beside himself with excitement! We recorded the theater piece and are now bringing it to the big screen at the JKPeV’s @KulturCentrale.


The motto “Unlocking the Talents” applies not only to the young people of the EYoS project but also to the future participants of the ACTION project. The ACTION project focuses on young people and their needs; it gives them a voice by teaching them how to use the camera. The resulting short films will open up young people’s perspectives on issues and challenges that are relevant to them. Jara from JKPeV will therefore say a few words about this inspiring project.


And afterward? Afterward, there’s a party! Cheeky Balkan beats with dazzling basses will make some noise and turn the KulturCentrale into the PartyCentrale. So be there if you don’t want to miss it 😉