Ukraine Benefiz Konzert / Iryna Marchuk & Freunde

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19.03.2022 / 20:00


Hechtstr. 17
01097 Dresden, Germany


Iryna Marchuk comes from Ukraine and arrived in Dresden two days ago as a refugee. Normally, she would now be studying violin at the Mykola Lysenko Academy of Music in Lviv. She has been playing this instrument for 14 years and is a virtuoso who loves classical composers like Skoryk, Scholz, Meytus, Shchurovsky.


Now she is here in Dresden and has to fend for herself. We would like to support her with this event and express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people. On this evening, she will present a kind of classical jam session with the artists Juliane Steinwachs-Zeil, Paul Geigenzähler, Peter Koch and other Dresden artists.


Admission is free. However, we would very much appreciate donations for the Ukrainian artist and her family.