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Dear HANNAH followers,


After working for almost a year on the development of the HANNAH Massive Open Online Course – MOOC, we are delighted to announce the official launch of the HANNAH MOOC!



With this free online course, the HANNAH project consortium aims to present the multifaceted history and culture of the Jewish communities in Germany, Greece, Poland, and Serbia. The topics that this online course covers are the following:


  • Jewish life and history in the heart of Europe (Poland, Germany) but also in the periphery (Serbia and Greece)
  • The perception of Jewish identity by reading and listening to oral testimonies of Holocaust survivors and second generation Holocaust survivors
  • Different kinds of antisemitic narratives
  • The variety of manifestations of antisemitism
  • Ways of debunking antisemitic myths
  • The ways the Holocaust unfolded in its epicenter (Germany and Poland) as well as in its periphery (Greece and Serbia)
  • The use of symbolic language to combat antisemitism


The course is flexible, interactive and allows you to learn at your own pace and engage with a variety of sources from Germany, Greece, Poland and Serbia.


The Jewish Museum of Greece (Athens,Greece), The Galicia Jewish Museum (Krakow, Poland), Centropa (Hamburg, Germany), Terraforming (Novi Sad, Serbia) and Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (Dresden, Germany) have joined forces to explore questions of Jewish life and modern anti-Semitism in Europe such as “How did Jewish communities emerge and flourish in different parts of Europe, What types of antisemitism do exist? How has antisemitism manifested itself in different places in Europe? What is the connection between antisemitism and the Holocaust? How can we combat anti-Semitism?”


We have created a HANNAH Facebook group so that you can share your thoughts and experiences on the topics covered by the HANNAH MOOC


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