City Tour as part of the JKPeV project “Support Your Ukrainian Neighbours”

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Last Saturday, as part of the JKPeV project “Support Your Ukrainian Neighbours”, our staff member, the historian Stefan May and our translator Anastasiia Kuranda, held a city tour for a group of Ukrainian refugees. We started at the artesian well in the Neustadt, went through the beautiful Königstraße towards the Japanese palace and from there to the Canalettoview, the Augustusbridge and towards the inner city and ended at the Zwinger. We discussed the history of Dresden from its founding, the baroque age, and the discovery of Porcelain in Europe, but also aspects like Dresden as the capital of Saxony or the Yenidze as example of industry in Dresden. The curious participants were very interested and asked many questions.
The next tour will be held on the 26th of November, starting at 14:00 near the Goldene Reiter statue on Neustädter Markt 14.

Registration and more information available here: