Dear friends, we are very excited to announce the launch of the Building Better Webinar!

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The Building Better Webinar is an asynchronous online training consisting of 4 Modules that address representatives of the youth, civic participation, arts, cultural and creative sectors with the aim of reinforcing cross-sectoral cooperation and thus involving young people in the cultural, art, and civic life of their local communities. Youth workers, artists, representatives of the cultural and creative sectors, and policymakers are provided with knowledge, tools, and methods to find creative and innovative solutions to new challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought and therefore, improve the quality of support systems for the youth on a local, national and European level. The Building Better Webinar is available in four languages; English, German, Greek, and Italian. Join us on this amazing journey!


Module 1 provides theoretical knowledge on what well-being is and how arts and culture can contribute to the well-being of young people, referring to different approaches and methods for encouraging young people to participate in cultural and art activities.


Module 2 offers tools and practices for the cross-sectoral cooperation between different actors with the aim of supporting young people’s active participation in the cultural and creative sectors.


Module 3 is focused on innovative methods and tools to support young people and young people with fewer opportunities to overcome barriers regarding their remote participation.


Module 4 proposes ways to engage young people in cultural and art activities through social media and online spaces.