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This Sunday, the Full Moon Gallery invites you to the vernissage of the exhibition METAMORPHOSIS OF THE MIND – a collection of works created within the framework of the Digital Art Residencies project.
Over a period of three months, local and international artists used digital collaboration software to create works on the theme METAMORPHOSIS OF THE MIND. The focus was on the creative adaptation of digital technologies. The resulting works show art as something that is created between several individuals and digital networks through complex interactions: a fusion.
Participating artists: Mia-Ann Böhm (Germany), Augusto Gerardi Rousset (Venezuela), Jakyeong Jeong (South Korea/Germany) Belal Kalash (Germany), Oleksandra Kulikovska (Ukraine), Anna Mukhanova (Ukraine), Laura Michelle Schubert (Germany), Michael Siegmund (Germany), Thomas Heerwagen (Germany), Serafirma Vutianova Kyiv (Ukraine)