The project “Calm-ey: Coping with Climate Anxiety Learning Methods for the Mental Health of the European Youth” is officially underway!

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On 6-7 November 2023, partners from Estonia, Germany, Malta, and Denmark gathered in Tallinn to kickstart the project. Four countries, one common thread: the desire to provide young people with tools to transform climate worry into climate action!

Under the coordination of the Estonian Green Movement, we delved into the heart of the project, starting with defining “climate-worry” and emphasizing its role as a catalyst for positive change. We’re determined to turn this emotion into fuel for action and empower young people across Europe.

One of our key focuses is the development of a comprehensive training program based on the expertise of professionals working in this field, addressing climate worry in youth and channeling it into meaningful action.

Synergies between the Estonian Green Movement, Friends of the Earth Malta, MTÜ Paasjad, Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.- JKPeV, and NOAh Denmark will promote active citizenship, nurture motivation to act, and raise awareness on the topic. CALM-EY will address the needs of youth through:
– The development of a Training Program and Handbook that will create empowering tools for youth workers who support youngsters in their environmental action and are struggling with worries and concerns for our Earth.
– Support Group Methodology that will guide Youth Workers in establishing support groups as a powerful resource for youth to create a safe space to cope with climate-worry; and a self-help workbook, as a stand-alone resource for those who cannot participate directly in the support group.
– E-learning: self-paced and interactive resources will be available online to cross borders and inspire youth worldwide.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey of growth, learning, and making a real difference in the lives of young people and our planet. Stay tuned for updates as we progress!