RadicalGame Workshop – More Gamification, less Radicalisation

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All work and no play? This was not the case at the workshop at KulturCentrale on Friday the 1st of March!

The workshop was held within the framework of the international project “RadicalGame”. The project, which is co-funded by Erasmus+, aims to create an innovative card game as a tool to raise awareness of radicalisation and extremism through gamification and foster youth participation and active citizenship.


The workshop showed the societal impact of games, as well as the opportunity they present to reduce the risks of radicalisation.

The event was kicked off by a mutual discussion about the effects and experiences of radicalisation and extremism in the participants’ lives. This was visualised in mind maps, displaying the participants’ collaborative work. Moderators Alexander Thau and Francesca Mele then followed up with information about the link between radicalisation and games. Participants could also creatively explore ideas surrounding the card game aimed at reducing radicalisation. During the rapid exchange of ideas, the shared enthusiasm for role play emerged.

Of course, participants themselves could also test their gaming skills while playing “overcooked”! The game promotes a sense of community within its players through its playful element of collaboration.