Refashionized – Fashion Evolution towards Sustainability!

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Imagine a world where fashion and eco-consciousness walk hand in hand! Our 2nd transnational partner meeting for this exciting project was held in the vibrant, eco-friendly city of #Valencia, Spain, hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de València UPV. Known for its sustainable initiatives, Valencia dazzled us with its green spaces, modern and classical architecture, and serene atmosphere.

Our journey began with a warm welcome from the UPV team as we strolled through their beautiful campus, setting the stage for our meeting coordinated by JKPeV. We kicked off with the Trainer’s Corner and the Learner’s Corner.

We discussed the History of Fashion and Sustainable Fashion Booklets, presented by JKPeV and KAINOTOMIA, respectively. Lottozero led us through the Glossary and Toolkit, while JKPeV and KAINOTOMIA reported the progress of the lesson plans, activity sheets, and PowerPoint presentations for the Trainer’s Corner and set deadlines. UPV introduced the draft framework and methodology for our training materials, pioneering a revolutionary approach to fashion education.

In the Learner’s Corner, UPV unveiled guidelines and templates for an engaging Online Learning Platform and course, promising a dynamic experience for fashion enthusiasts.

JKPeV’s concept for the Refashionized Online Game promises an interactive journey through sustainable fashion, with Cellock adding their technical expertise. We also briefly touched on the “How to Make Your Own Portfolio” session, coordinated by Catwalk, who has prepared the draft version.

But the excitement didn’t stop there! After our meeting, we had a special visit to the MOOC recording studio at UPV. Two experts guided us through the intricacies of MOOC recording, showcasing their state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for creating engaging online courses.

As we bid farewell to Valencia and our wonderful hosts at UPV, we’re eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity and the 3rd transnational partner meeting in the fashion industry capital of Italy, Prato! Stay tuned for more updates as we redefine fashion education and sustainability together!