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Shoot A Festival


15.07 – 05.08.2009

14.07 – 04.08.2010

20.07 – 10.08.2011


Jugend- und Kulturprojekt e.V. has been organising the Sun Flower Festival in Freiberg/Saxony for many years. Opting for an international approach, youth movements, intercultural projects and two international work camps with 20 participants each were realised. Shoot a festival was one of these two work camps and was focused on photography and video documentation.

A huge part of the voluntary manpower had to be used for the building-up and taking-down of the show as well as for the production of such material as sponsoring folders, flyers and bills; the documentation of the festival for project partners and the sustainability of our internet presence. Furthermore, the participants of this work camp supported the project staff members in building-up and dismantling the basic infrastructure of the festival, the decoration and the design of the area as well as in the sector of event technology.


During the period of building-up the area, the participants learned how to work with different types of cameras and gained a basic knowledge of photography. They recorded the changes of the area and had the possibility to practise concert photography.

The work camp contained 16 pure working days where free time was only scantily available, therefore, the last week contained just free time activities. The camp leaders had prepared a cultural programme where the young participants could take part in or organise their time on their own. Every day a team of up to three nationalities prepared dinner with specialities from their respective home countries.



Project venues: Freiberg (Saxony), Dresden
Participating countries: France, Georgia, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany


This project was organised in cooperation with Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger e.V. and Kinder- und Jugendzirkus KAOS of Kindervereinigung Dresden e.V.