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04. – 12.04.2014


From 4th to 12th of April in 2014, Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. gave a warm welcome to 25 guests from all over Europe in Dresden. The young participants came from Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Spain and Germany.

This training course aimed to bring together young creatives, professional artists, students and policy makers, who are involved in at least one of these sectors of creative enterprises: advertisement, architecture, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, crafts, software, toys, games, television and radio.


During the course the participants were supervised by several educated trainers:

  • Christian Rost (Urban & Regional Development)
  • Katja Großer (Cultural Management & Creative Entrepreneurship)
  • Josephine Hage (Creative Industries researcher)
  • Saskia Rudolph (M.A, Speaker, Coach)
  • Andreas Milles (Brand communications)

The trainers presented models for developing business plans, explained the content and the advantages of the effectuation method, showed -with the help of various examples- how to use abandoned buildings as creative spaces and much more.


Dr Michael Anz (chief officer of the department for economy development Dresden) gave an insight into the present situation of creative entrepreneurships in Dresden while Saskia Rudolph, from the (fictional) Ministry for luck and happiness, focused on topics such as luck and satisfaction. The participants themselves demonstrated with the help of descriptive presentations, how the situation for creative ideas and enterprises -possibilities of realisation, acceptance by the society, etc.- are developing in their home countries.
Because of the commitment of Sophia Kontos (Wir gestalten Dresden –a branch union for creative economy) the participants got the opportunity to visit several creative enterprises, get to know something about their concepts and ask questions related to the business idea, financing and implementation. The participants got an insight into enterprises such as Volume 11, Nikkifaktur, INTEGAR -with their project Bottle Crop-, as well as Rutloff Garments and Ballroom Studios. Volume 11 gives the opportunity to rent a rehearsal-room for musicians, completely equipped and affordable; Nikkifaktur prints one’s individual t-shirt design; Bottle Crop is the salad out of the bottle you can grow on your own seat bank. Rutloff Garments is the enterprise of a young man focused on the quality of jeans, designing and producing them on his own; Ballroom Studios are old ball rooms used as recording studios.


Abundant in inspiration and ideas, the participants developed their own projects and ideas in the workshops, thought about how the situation in their home countries could be improved and went home highly motivated for their career in a sector of Creative Entrepreneurships.


Project venue: Dresden

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Germany

The project was funded by the European programme YOUTH IN ACTION and by Wir für Sachsen.


The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme



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