CROWDFUNDING [2022 – 2024]

About This Project

Crowdfunding 4 Culture


Crowdfunding Digital Academy for Local Creative and Cultural Industries




Duration: 24 months (December 2022 – November 2024)


Summary of the project:

According to studies on the needs and the current situation in Europe, the economic crisis that occurred during the pandemic forced the governments of several European countries to make cuts in public spending for sectors considered less of a priority. The problem of cutting funding for culture is serious and constantly at the centre of the debate of the operators of this sector, who daily have to deal with scarce and often insufficient resources to guarantee those standards of service/product recommended for a socially crucial sector such as the cultural one.

One of the ways to preserve and support European culture and creativity is to find sustainable channels of financing. In this case, crowdfunding plays a crucial role. It has even increased his role in the past years, mirroring the political, economic, and societal changes, and the growing interest in engaging with the public. Crowdfunding should be seen as a method of community building for the CCIs. The need to support our cultural and creative scene is not even crucial for our society, and heritage building, it is economic prosperity and investment towards the future.

The project aims at i) developing a range of skills and providing knowledge on crowdfunding and self-financing for the autonomy and long-term sustainability of CCIs, ii) fostering employment in the cultural and creative sectors, iii) enhancing the capacities of CCIs operators/professionals and entrepreneurs on digital financing opportunities based on a bottom-up approach, involving local communities, people supporting innovative ideas, and cultural institutions and stakeholders active at the local and national levels, iv) encouraging a cultural development strategy for competence circulation and implementing interactive training activities in the countries involved (BE, DE, EE, ES, IT, SK) and in the European context, thanks to free e-learning crowdfunding academy that contributes to promoting sustainable and continuous CCIs innovation and self-empowerment processes.

The CROWDFUNDING project includes six different partners from six EU countries (Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, and Spain), who will work together to offer the opportunity for CCIs operating at local level to develop an integrated business model, more innovative and sustainable. It will do so by offering crowdfunding as a powerful instrument for promoting arts, culture and creativity, as well as a means for collecting funds and engaging citizens and communities. The partnership will capitalize and build on each other’s knowledge and expertise, as well as experience from best practices in their national context, for future circulation and transfer of know-how.


The CROWDFUNDING project focuses directly on the following target groups:

TG1: local actors representing the Cultural and Creative Industries

TG2: initiatives and labs of the Cultural Creative Industries

TG3: creatives and artists

TG4: donors inside the creative industry ecosystem

The planned activities to be implemented are the following:

  • Launching and managing CF campaigns at the national level and developing CCIs Crowdfunding Portfolio.


The project outputs and activities that will be developed and implemented respectively, are the following:

  • Developing a Crowdfunding Toolkit for CCIs
  • Designing and implementing a Training programme addressing staff of project partners
  • Developing a Digital Crowdfunding Atlas
  • Preparing a Case-Studies Report including examples of successful Crowdfunding Campaigns in the CCSs
  • Creating a digital training platform on Crowdfunding for CCIs which includes an e-learning programme about the CCIs development and sustainability, addressing the needs of each partner’s country involved in the project
  • Implementing online and offline training activities and events such as live webinars, recorded educational videos, theoretical and practical workshops, podcasts, etc.
  • Developing a Crowdfunding Academy to train CCIs professionals
  • Launching and managing online Crowdfunding campaigns at the national level, seeking funds and contributions from citizens and other investors like companies and local authorities through the use of reward-based crowdfunding and by developing a CCIs Crowdfunding Portfolio
  • Dissemination events in each of the partner countries.



Bratislava Policy Institute (Slovakia) – Coordinator

European Crowdfunding Network (Belgium)

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (Germany)

TREE Agency (Estonia)

Associazione Distretto Produttivo Puglia Creativa (Italy)

Fundación Goteo (Spain)



The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme